Distributed ledger

Decentralized, immutability,
full accountable, robust network

Cryptographically secured

each node, and transactions are
cryptographically secured


all stakeholders can view and verify
previous transaction

Services Offered

We bring a decade of product development and software development experience to build a user friendly and robust blockchain application

Smart contract

Smart contracts are the most important blockchain element. We can either write from scratch or audit the already written smart contract.

Product Design

We do not copy+paste blockchain everywhere; we prefer to apply unique blockchain attributes to carefully solve the business problem.

Proof of Concept

Before spending a lot of client money, we push for thesis validation. That's why, we aim to build the proof of concept (PoC) at the beginning of every project.

Product Development

We convert PoCs into full fledge application after client validation. This production ready solution will be scalable, robust, and most importantly use-friendly!

Crypto Economics

How many tokens to launch? How to price them? How would supply of the token effect the demand of the token? We can build out the formula.

Executive Training

Blockchain can transform many industries. Find out how it will impact your business. Either build a blockchain solution or protect yourself from the blockchain solution.

Technical Workshops

Build an internal team of blockchain experts -- be it product manager or a software developer. We have build tailored courses so that everyone can benefit from blockchain.

Anything else?

If you have any other questions. Do not hesitate to reach out to us. Contact us below

How We Work

We believe in carefully analyzing the problem and building a customer solution that works for you and your customer.

Design Sprint

Everyone has ideas, but very few knows exactly what they are looking for. Google Venture product design sprint will accurately identify the problem and design a minimum viable solution for light customer feedback.

At the end of the design sprint, we will have clarity on the project requirements, the expected timelines and the budget required to build the minimum viable product.

Minimum Viable Product

MVP will be a usable but extremely simple user driven product. It will not have all the bells and whistles but it will have the most important feature that unqiely identifies your product.

At the end of the minimum viable product, we will have a perfectly usable singl-focused product that solves customer's important pain point.

Customer Feedback

Without customer, there is no product. We encourage, and sometimes enforce, customer validation at each and every stage of the product development. It allows us to make minor course corrections during our product development journey.

At the end of the MVP & the Customer feedback, we have a user validated product core that is extremely useful to the user. Theoretically, user is hooked to the product.

Rinse & Repeat

"Release early, release often" is the mantra for successfull product development. Hugely successful products like Google Chrome are built using the same motto. We employ the same tactics to build our software.

We use lean agile methodologies to build software development. It allows us to get user feedback at each and every stage.


Finally, we add scalability and robustness to the application. We use latest but validated tools and technics to grow the application.

Our favorite technologies are NodeJS, Java, Angular, and HTML5 stack. However, we constantly experiment with various new technologies, and make sure user the right tools for the right problem.

Client & Partners

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